Your Body of Work

The Internet presents a sales professional with a significant opportunity.  This is the perfect forum to increase your visibility, demonstrate your credibility and focus prospective clients on what makes you different.

Let’s look at how a website can be your best friend.


Everyone can be a star of script, stage, and screen on the Internet.  If you are looking to reach more people, create amazing content and share it with everyone via social media.

Writing articles and posting them on social media sites is one of the fastest ways to increase your visibility.  Great written content is shared and, often syndicated by news outlets.

Video is also a terrific way to share great content.  If you have a high quality camera, you can record your own videos and share them via the multitude of websites that exist for this purpose.  These sites receive huge amounts of traffic and videos are easily shared.

The hub of your visibility should always be your primary web presence – your website.  Post everything there first and then distribute links to the website with your content.   If the content is good, people will come back over and over again.


The quality of your content is the primary driver of credibility.  Post your best information on your website.  Prospective clients are going to review your work and they will take action based upon the information you share.  Don’t hold anything back.  Share your best stuff.

Some of the ways you can share great content include:

“How to” videos

– Checklists

– White papers and guides

– Audio programs

– Maps and blueprints

Quantity of information will also a credibility tool for you. If you are prolific at creating new content, people will believe you are an expert.   Yes, the information you share must always be of high quality, but experts produce high-quality content at a rapid pace.


This differentiates you.  This process.  This methodology.  Your body of work.

Think of your website as a museum showcasing your “greatest hits.”  The more works you have in the museum, the higher your status.  If Picasso had only painted one painting he would have been as famous as Joe from Queens.  Create lots of high quality of content.

Here’s the bottom line:  This information speaks for you.  You must have a significant body of work on line if you want to be taken seriously.

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