You Must Bend Time to Your Will

Bend Time to Your Will and You Will Sell More

One of the key elements to being successful in business is managing your activities and getting the most important things done.

Winners never complain about having enough time.

Losers complain about having “time management problems.”

This year you need to be a winner in the battle to control your time.  Here is your blueprint for how to do it.

Step One: Own your actions

You don’t manage time. Nobody does. You manage your actions. You either do something or you don’t.

That’s the truth.

Nobody can force you to do anything.  It’s all within your control.

This is the first step. Owning the issue.

You don’t manage time you manage your actions.

Step Two:  Say “NO”

Don’t worry about the feelings of others. Make decisions based upon what is best for you.  You owe nothing to anyone. Your obligations are simply to yourself and your agenda.

Create criteria for investment of time. Do not violate it.

Say “NO” to everything that doesn’t fit your criteria.

Step Three: Suffer no fools

Only invest time in serious people. Do not invite anyone into your life who is not focused and dealing in reality.  Eject people from your life who are not intent on moving forward in a determined way.

You are the product of the people who surround you.  If you surround yourself with clowns, you better be the owner of a circus or you will be part of one.

Step Four:  Keep it short

Make all appointments as brief as possible – 20 minutes or less.  Extend them if interesting and productive but short appointments allow you an “out.”

Only book two appointments per hour – with a 20-minute gap between.  This will give you time to extend good appointments and also give you productive slack time between appointments.

Step Five:  Eliminate the usual time suck activities

Schedule your relaxation time but if that time does not include watching TV, playing games on your phone, or social media eliminate those activities.

Enough said.

Step Six: Prioritize delivery speed

Return calls as quickly as possible. Deliver work product as fast as possible. Develop a reputation as someone who is first as well as best.

Step Seven: Your time is more valuable than your money. Act like it.

Don’t be cheap with transportation or travel accommodations. Fly non-stop in as comfortable a manner as possible. It’s tough to work on your computer in an economy airline seat. You must have a desk in your hotel room. Don’t save money in travel only to compromise your ability to perform essential money-making activities.

Bottom Line

Productivity starts with personal ownership of your activities. If you believe you control what happens and your reaction to things that happen, you can be the architect of your future.  If you believe you are a victim of life and a victim of time, you will never be successful.

Do you want to be a winner in 2019? If you do, you need to get a handle on your personal productivity.

You deserve success. Take control of your actions and you’ll achieve your goals.

More Solutions for Controlling Time and Selling More

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