Thoughts On Writing and Sanity

Everything I do starts with words on a page. Well, words on a screen.

These days video rules. Everyone wants the instant gratification video provides.  I love video too but at heart, I am a writer.

Today, I started a column on Medium, and I write about how daily writing helps keep you sane.

If you like writing or you are a fan of good mental health, join me for this conversation.

Specific emotional benefits to daily writing:

Better Decisions

Putting things down on paper (or on a screen) helps order your thinking. Rational thinking leads to better decisions.


If you read something you’ve written, it helps reinforce your commitment to the idea. Commitment leads to action.

A Record of Your Growth

If you want to see how you’ve evolved over time, writing down your thoughts provides a way to track your growth.

Length doesn’t matter.  Frequency does. You think every day. You feel every day.  Take a few moments and put down what you think and what you feel.  You’ll be better off as a result.

Here is a link to the article on Medium titled:  Daily Writing Prevents Nervous Breakdown