Write Like You Speak

One of the best ways to develop new relationships is through writing articles.  Traditional sales experts call this “lead generation.” While people who reach out to you for more information about your services may LEAD to business, I hate that term.

Each article you write is a conversation with the reader. You share your opinion on a subject and the reader speaks back, in his/her own mind.

It seems odd to envision a reader having a conversation with a computer or tablet screen but that’s exactly what’s happening.  Our internal dialogue is always at work, even when reading an article.  That’s what makes writing a powerful relationship development tool.

Style Matters

When you think about writing an article as having a conversation with someone, it affects your writing style.  Right now, you and are sitting across a table from each other having a cup of coffee.  I’m telling you a story and sharing some thoughts.

That is different than me writing a legal brief or a paper for an academic grade.

Write like you speak so you can develop a relationship with your reader.  He wants to like you. He wants to keep the dialogue going. Talk with him and invite him to respond.

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