How to Set Winning Sales Strategy

Everyone wants to close more deals. Everyone wants to win. Today we explore ways to set winning sales strategy and how to implement it.

Here is the step-by-step guide to setting winning sales strategy. The entire strategy is set around what your best clients do. To attract more clients like your best, you must study your best. In an interview with your best client you must ask the following:

What do you read?

This is important because you want to be able to publish in places where your ideal client will read what you write.

What groups do you belong to?

This is important because it potentially points you to groups of people who are just like your best client.

What conventions and annual meetings do you attend?

This is valuable because it helps you discover conventions and meetings where you can potentially speak or sponsor.

Who else is selling things to you?

If you want to discover more information about your ideal client, you can and should ask people who are selling to him directly. In addition, this offers you the opportunity to do a join venture marketing campaign with one or more people who also target that client.

The answers to these questions will help you set your sales strategy. They are important because they point you where to go to interact with people who are like your best clients. The answers all point you to what they read. The answers will also point you to who can help you by making an introduction.

Winning sales strategy starts with due dilligence into the behavior of your best clients. Once you are familiar with that, you can find ways to connect with your ideal prospects and try and convert them into clients.

The video below provides more information.

Here is the video from The Dave Lorenzo Daily on How to Set Winning Sales Strategy.

How to Set Winning Sales Strategy

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