Four Elements of a Winning Sales Attitude

This is a video show I released on YouTube titled Four Elements of a Winning Sales Attitude.

Here is the video: Four Elements of a Winning Sales Attitude

Today’s focus points video show is about your attitude.

That’s right! It’s about your attitude.

There are four elements of your attitude that you need to manage in order to be successful in any professional relationship. Your attitude needs to include these four elements and if it doesn’t, you’re not going to get the most out of the professional relationship that you are hoping for and if it’s a relationship that you have, you’re the professional and you have a relationship with your clients, if their attitude doesn’t include these four elements, they’re not going to get the most out of the relationship with you.

You Get Out What You Invest 

Element number one is you get out of the relationship what you invest in the relationship.

When people hear this they think about a financial investment. They think about the money they put down to work with the professional. In my case, people think about the money they’ve invested when they come to work with me or the money their company’s invested in order to work with me and that’s important.

Generally we have what’s called a pride in spending and we feel better about things we invest in and we want to tell others about things we invest in. Think about the fancy, expensive car that you drive. You invested in that car and you’re proud of that car and you love to show off that car because you want people to know that you have the status that comes along with that car. But there’s also intellectual investment. You have to bring curiosity at an intellectual level to the relationship as well and you have to suspend your disbelief, you have to suspend your preconceived notions and allow your mind to explore things that normally would not be natural. You have to suspend any disbelief you have and you have to have the intellectual curiosity to want to learn new things.

You have to invest emotionally. You have to bring a level of intensity to the work that we do together that will result in serious improvement in you and in the business that you develop and in your sustained behavior over time. In fact, that emotional investment shows up in the consistency of the work that you do it shows up in the intensity of the work that you do and it shows up in the accountability, the personal accountability you take for the work.

You get out of the relationship what you invest in the relationship. Not just financially but intellectually and emotionally as well.

You Must Show Up

Element number two, is that you have to show up.

So many people pay me tens of thousands of dollars. I mean, 25, 30, even $50,000 and then they don’t call. They just never call me. And at the time that the term is up and usually the terms of our relationship are one year, at the time the one year is up, they look at me and they say, what happened? And I look at them and I say, I don’t know I could ask you the same thing. You have to show up.

Think about the relationship that you would have with a personal trainer at the gym. The gym is there, the trainer is there but you don’t make an appointment and then you don’t go. So do you go to the gym and look at the trainer and say why didn’t you call me? Why didn’t you call me to come work out? No, you don’t do that. My relationship with you is the exact same way. I’m here. I’m ready, willing and able. I want you to be successful, but in order for you to be successful you’ve got to call, you’ve got to show up. It’s true in any professional relationship.

You Must Do The Work

Element number three, you have to do the work.

When I recommend things for you to do, I’ve picked these recommendations, they are customized for you. They are things that have worked in other instances and for other people but we’ve tweaked them, we’ve customized them for you. If you don’t want to try them, we are never going to know whether they are going to be successful or not.

And you don’t get to ask for a second idea when you haven’t tried the first one. I had a client say to me just the other day, hey let’s talk about some fresh ideas. Let’s talk about some new ideas and I had to sit back and say to him, listen, I’ve got 20 of the old ideas that you still haven’t implemented yet all of which work. I need you to implement those 20 first before you ask me for a new one. Let me help you tweak those 20 before you ask me for a new idea. So element number three is that you do the work. I make the recommends, I make suggestions, but you got to do the work.

Your Comfort will be Your Fate

Element number four is your comfort will be your fate.

Your fate rests with your comfort. If you only do things that make you comfortable you will atrophy and then eventually you will die. It’s just like a muscle. Your business will atrophy and it will die. You have to stretch yourself. You have to get out of your comfort zone and you have to decide that you’re going to be uncomfortable most of the time and that’s how you know you’re growing. That’s where the growth is.

Growth comes from you stretching yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. So your fate rests with your level of comfort. Any time you’re comfortable, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. Again, think of athletics, think of running. You’re training to run a half marathon or a marathon, when you get to mile 10, 11, 12, you’re uncomfortable but you have to push yourself through that to get to your second wins, to get to that energy level that will take you through the second half of the race.

Push yourself through discomfort so that you can get the work done, so that you can learn, so that you can grow.

You Must Be Willing to Ask

Finally, you have to be willing to ask.

You have to be willing to ask for help. You know the areas where you need to work. You have to ask for help. Give us some clues so that we can go down the road and help you more quickly by asking for help.

You have to ask questions when you don’t understand things. Don’t just gloss over things you don’t understand thinking to yourself well, I’ll pick it up later. No. Stop. Ask the questions. Get the answers you need in order to feel comfortable so that your intellectual curiosity continues to grow so that you continue to push forward.

The third thing you have to do is you have to be comfortable asking for business, referrals, and testimonials. And this is specific to what you and I do together. You have to become comfortable asking for business testimonials and referrals. I said that you must be uncomfortable 85% of the time, well this is the 15 to 20% or 10% of the time when you have to be comfortable. You got to be comfortable asking people to work with you. You feel like you deliver a lot of value, ask people to work with you. You feel like you’ve delivered value to someone ask them to turn on the phone and record a testimonial. You feel like you’re comfortable in giving that speech that you gave to the association, have the association president write a letter of recommendation so you can get another speech. You feel like you’re comfortable delivering value to people in the real estate community, ask the three realtors you worked with to refer you to another realtor. You got to be comfortable asking for help, asking questions and asking for business, testimonials, and referrals.

These are the four elements of the attitude you need to bring to our work together. You get what you invest, you have to show up, you have to do the work, you have to push yourself through your comfort and be uncomfortable, and then you have to ask.

The final thought I want to leave you with today in today’s focus point is the notion that I can’t want it more than you.

This is a phrase I use all the time. I use it when I coach kids in baseball, I use it when I train my son in Martial Arts, I use it when I coach people like you, professionals in growing their businesses in marketing and with business strategy. I can’t want you to be successful more than you want to be successful. You have to bring that level of intensity to our work together. You’ve got to bring it!

If you feel like you have that level of intensity, you feel like you want to be successful, you feel like it’s time for you to have the success you deserve and you can adjust your attitude based on these four elements, I’m excited to work with you. If we’re working together and any one of these four elements is lacking, I want you to come to me and I want you to tell me and we’ll have a conversation just like this so I can get you pumped up and excited for the work that we’re doing together so you can bring that consistency, that intensity and that level of accountability to the work we do.

I promise if you do this and you adjust these attitudes you will sell more. That’s the name of the show, that’s the name of my podcast and that’s the name of what I do. So until next time, here’s hoping you do this and sell more.