Who’s Next?

Two words make all the difference between controlling your future and being at the mercy of someone else.  

Two words make the difference between freedom and someone shoving work down your throat.

Two words either make you the person spilling the soup or the poor stooge getting the soup dropped on him. 

Those two words: Who’s next?

Who is the next person you will help?

Who is the next person who will refer you business?

Who is the next person to write you a glowing testimonial?

Deciding who’s next, helping them see your value, and then asking them to work with you is your most important job.

Law firms have different names for this. Some call it “origination.” Other firms call it “business development.” Some use the term “marketing.”  

It doesn’t matter what you call it. You need to discover the secret to telling people about the value you provide. 

Learning this skill means the freedom to live life on your terms. If you don’t, you will be under constant pressure from someone else’s’ demanding clients.

Having a book of business that you control means you call the shots. You choose which clients to accept and which to reject. You decide who else (if anyone) gets to work with you and who gets passed down to your team. You choose what you do and when you do it.

When you become adept at relationship development, you can have a say in the law firm’s direction. 


You control the revenue. 

The person who controls the revenue sets the strategy. 

Who’s Next?

That two-word phrase is all you need to know if you want to develop a sound business development strategy for your law firm.

Here’s how this sophisticated planning session works:

First: Decide who you can help. You do this by looking at your best clients and determining how you can develop more relationships just like those. 

Then:  Create a message that resonates with the people. 

Next:  Come up with a list of ways to get in front of those people.   

Finally: Get the message in front of those people as often as possible.

After you have committed to getting to where you want to go, you need to create the map that will lead you there. So look at your law firm as it is today and ask yourself: “What’s next?” 

You will be amazed at the power of this question. These two words keep you focused on the growth and development of your law firm.

The words “relationship development” are about moving forward. They are about not being satisfied with the status quo. They are about operating your law firm in a state of continuous improvement.

My challenge to you is to renew your dedication to your law firm’s growth and development and your income each day. 

Renewing this dedication is a simple as deciding to take action. Action is a critical element of any plan. You must take action to make your goals become a reality.

If you are ready to take action, I have some good news.

Early in 2020, I developed a community to help attorneys and other professionals grow their book of business. We do this in three ways:

One: Business Development Education: Most lawyers don’t know how to ethically and naturally develop business. Throughout my 32-year career, I’ve helped attorneys, CPAs, entrepreneurs, and consultants focus on relationship-based business development.  

Each week I host two live education sessions on Zoom. These sessions are practical, action-oriented relationship-development clinics. You come away with specific things you can do TODAY to attract new clients. I record these sessions, and they are archived for your review anytime in the future. We’ve cataloged these sessions, and they are searchable.  

One new idea can lead to hundreds of new relationships and a lifetime revenue stream. We have testimonials and recommendations from our members available for you to review. Just one new case that results from the business development information you discover will pay for your membership in our community for a lifetime. 

Two: Connecting High-Quality Professionals for Referral Relationships: The most valuable relationships we initiate with clients often begin through referrals. This requires trust. As a member of our community, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of other professionals, diverse in geography, ethnicity, and practice area. The more interaction, the higher the likelihood you will develop relationships, and those relationships become referral opportunities. 

When we welcome a new member into our community, I review the referral rules with them. These guidelines include referral prioritization and ethics. Each community member promises to prioritize the referrals they receive, and they agree only to accept matters they can effectively and expertly handle. They also agree to protect the relationship of the referring party.

There is no requirement to pass referrals. In most cases, this happens naturally as our members interact with each other. The return on investment from one referral will pay for your membership investment for more than a decade.

Three: Expansion of Capability: This is possibly the most underrated and yet most powerful benefit of membership in our community. As a member, you have access to professionals in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. These folks are available to you 24/7. You can connect with them as an extension of your firm and provide services in other locations as part of a strategic alliance or do a joint-venture marketing promotion to develop relationships thousands of miles away from your office. Many of our members say this makes our community a critical asset to help them compete with larger firms without the expense of establishing offices around the world.

Here’s the bottom line: Your membership investment is only $1,599 per year. This is quickly recouped through the acquisition of one new matter. I’m confident we can help you grow your firm. Click the link below to join us:

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Special Invitation from Dave Lorenzo