Who Are The People Around You?

Have you ever wondered why some people always achieve excellence in everything they do?  We have all come across people who, no matter what life throws at them, always seem to succeed.  Sure they take some lumps from time to time.  Yes, they have an occasional setback.  But ultimately, they are winners.

There are many things you can do to elevate your performance.  There are dozens of things you can do to help advance your career and grow your business.  There is one thing that may just be more important than all others.  There is one thing that truly separates the good from the great.

That one thing is the people who surround you.  I’m talking about the people who you allow into your life both personally and professionally.  I’m not talking about your family.  You don’t get to pick them.  I am talking about your friends and business associates.   If you want to fulfill your potential both as a business leader and as a person, you need to surround yourself with people who are better, smarter, and quicker than you.

Reverse Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is that thing our parents always warned us about.  As a leader looking to build a successful business, surrounding yourself with peers who are smart, aggressive, ethical entrepreneurs is a great way to stimulate your personal growth.

Each of us is judged by the company we keep.  I am not talking about perception.  I am talking about something real.  Something more important.  Your growth. Look at any entrepreneur whose business has stopped growing and you will find stagnant people around him.

Avoid Feeding Your Own Ego

It’s human nature.  We all want to be the smartest, most successful person in the room.  But that kind of thinking is a recipe for failure.  I would rather be the dumbest person in a room full of geniuses than be a genius in a room full of dummies.

Here is your action item for this week:

Go out and make a list of the successful people you know but have not interacted with in a while (if ever).  Pursue them like a high school girl pursues a matinee idol.  Establish a relationship with them and learn as much as you can.

What does not grow (intellectually or physically) begins to die.  Said another way…

The day you stop learning is the day you stop earning…

Surround yourself with excellence and you will shape your destiny.

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