What Will Your Kids Remember About You?

Most people don’t realize what work really is. It’s not just a way to fund your lifestyle. It is not just a method for acquiring money for survival. It is a way for you to leave your mark on the world.

Each of us is guided by an overarching mission – either conscious or subconscious. People who achieve the heights of success have a personal mission that is all-consuming.

My mission is to help people take control of their lives through value creation. I want to help as many people as possible. That’s why I write books, give speeches, and make videos.

Last month I visited my kids’ school for career day and talked about those three things. Each of my kids introduced me to their class by saying “my dad helps people make more money and spend more time with their family.”

This hit home for me this weekend for two reasons.

First: I was watching an interview I did recently with successful entrepreneur Adam Hergenrother (you can find that interview on my YouTube channel). Adam told the audience that he spends the first hour of his day journaling so he can share the important lessons he’s learned with his kids. He believes his mission is to raise great kids and he doesn’t want them to miss anything important.

Next: I saw NY Mets second baseman Robinson Cano fail to run on two routine ground balls while his team went on to lose to the worst team in baseball, and be shut out in two consecutive games.  If you’ve ever coached baseball or if your child has ever played baseball, the first thing you teach a kid who plays is – run hard on everything. Try hard on every play. In practice and in the game. I repeat that phrase over and over to my kids about everything they do. Always give your best effort. Not because people are watching but because you respect yourself.

When I saw Cano fail to run, I looked at my son and he said: “He obviously didn’t have a dad like you.”

The confluence of those two events reminded me of my personal mission in a new way.

My goal is to have my kids remember me as someone who delivered value to hundreds of people (maybe even thousands of people eventually) each day. I give maximum effort toward that end and that’s why I have been successful.

That’s way I distribute this newsletter each week. That’s why I make a new video and distribute it on YouTube each day. And it’s why I constantly look for new ways to reach people.

That effort helps you make a great living so you can spend more time with your family.

What is your personal mission? What will your kids remember about you?