What makes Dave Lorenzo’s training systems different?

During the past 28 years, Dave Lorenzo has trained thousands of professionals and business leaders. Attorneys, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Architects, Engineers and Technology Professionals, and Entrepreneurs turn to Dave for: 

  • Sales Training
  • Negotiation Training
  • Business Acumen and People Leadership Training

There are three aspects of Dave’s approach to training that make it different from everything you’ve ever seen. 

1. Customization

Everything Dave does fits your industry, your company, and the individuals who will use it.  

As a professional, your unique approach to life, business, and your clients is what leads them to work with you. We respect that and incorporate that into the way we help you grow your business. 

2. Focus on Relationships, Not Transactions

An aggressive approach to growing your book of business is critical, and focusing on relationship development and lifetime value is at the heart of this system.  

When connecting with customers, relationships win. In a business-to-business setting, we are still connecting with people and relationships win. In any environment, any economy, at any time, relationships always win. 

3. Value Beyond the Big Meeting

The “flash and cash” motivation of group training generates excitement and sparks momentum. This system delivers that and continues the motivation long afterward by giving the professional something they are proud to use. 

This differentiating factor is perhaps the most powerful of all. Over the years, professionals and business leaders have told us they are proud to use Dave’s systems to develop relationships, deepen lifetime value, and make deals.