Tools Training and Sales

Tools and training make a huge difference in how you view sales.

How do you think about sales?

Is it something you want to do?

Or is selling something you have to do?

In my front yard, we have a small fountain. Water flows through tubing hidden inside several large stones and out a hole in the top. The water dribbles down the sides and into the bowls below. It makes a pleasant, relaxing noise and it looks good.

The water flow in this fountain is powered by a small pump. The pump is hidden in the base resting in the bottom bowl of the fountain.  If this small pump breaks, the stone pieces of the fountain (each weighing a minimum of 25 pounds and the larger ones weighing over 100 pounds) must be removed. The electrical cable must be rethreaded when you replace the pump and the tubing that conducts the water must be rerun through the stone.

My fountain pump broke last week. This is the second time this year. We have a special occasion coming up and my wife wants the house to look its best. This means I had to fix the fountain.

I did the job but I procrastinated. I was miserable the entire time.  The process probably took longer than it had to because I didn’t have the right tools and I didn’t know what I was doing.  I had to improvise which means I used the painful process of trial-and-error.

This is the perfect formula for misery.

Required task

Don’t have the tools to do the job

Have not been properly trained

That is how you feel about sales.

You’re required to do it. You don’t have the correct tools. You have no real training. You are using the painful process of trial and error.

The job itself is not the problem it is the process that you dread.

When you have the correct tools and you know what you’re doing, even things you don’t want to do can be fun, rewarding, easy and engaging and the results make you want to do it again and again.


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