Three Ways to Deliver Value In a Bad Economy

In just a few weeks the world has changed. Things are not going back to the way they were in January 2020. You have a chance to grow and build your business for the way things are now and will be in the future or you can remain stuck in the past and get left behind. We address this issue in today’s show.

You must make a choice. You can either be a fax machine or you can be email.

Fax machines are history. Nobody needs them. Email is essential.

The point of this analogy: You can be a valuable part of the future or you can remain stuck in the past.

Here’s how you become an essential part of the future:


There are three ways to do this in a challenging economy.

One: Help people make money

Two: Help people save money.

Three: Mitigate or eliminate risk.

This is your challenge right now. Figure out how you can do one or more of these things in a way that differentiates you from everyone else.

That’s the subject of today’s show.