Three Best Ways to Generate Leads

All sales professionals and business leaders must be perceived as experts in their field. A client will welcome a relationship with an expert but he will dread meeting with someone selling him something.

There are three ways to develop this reputation and generate leads.

Here are the three ways to generate new leads.


Speaking helps you in three ways.  1). It raises your visibility.  2). It boosts your credibility and 3). It differentiates you from everyone else who does what you do.

Hone your skills and become a professional speaker.  This involves developing original, educational, entertaining content.  The more value you deliver (in teaching and entertaining) and the better you become at promoting yourself, the more often people will book you to speak.

When someone pays you to deliver a speech your credibility soars. You also receive lots and lots of free promotion (if someone is paying for a speaker they want to make sure the venue is packed).

You also get more referrals as a paid speaker. People invest in you financially and they also invest in you emotionally.  Once they make that investment, they will support you and refer you to others.


If you have the ability to move people with words on a page, use it to build an audience.  You can do this initially by publishing your own content in a newsletter and develop readership from within your natural network.

Once you are receiving regular positive feedback, begin sending copies of your newsletter to editors of trade publications, websites, and industry journals.


This does not mean going to chamber of commerce meetings, eating dry chicken and handing out business cards.  It means finding people who can do business with you or refer business to you and helping them get what they want. Once you help them they will help you.

This requires setting up systems.  You need systems to identify good networking targets and systems to track your activity.  It is simple yet sophisticated.

Each of these methods for developing new leads requires significant work to implement but the return on the investment of your time and energy will be huge (and it is far more effective than cold calling).

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