How Thought Leadership Content Marketing Works

Thought leadership content marketing works but do you know why and how?

Thought leadership helps to grow sales in 3 specific ways:

1). It helps boost your visibility. When you create and post new content on regular basis, people will visit more often. This is because frequency of communication builds trust with both search engines (displaying your content more frequently) and with people. The most often you add information to your website – especially information that is helpful in solving a problem – the more people will visit.  People take the results of a Google search as gospel. If you show up early and often in the rankings, you will attract new clients.

2). Your gain credibility when you write expert articles. Videos can also serve to help improve your credibility. If you post new videos frequently on a topic, people will begin to associate you with the leading thinkers on this subject matter. All off this makes you a thought leader.

3). Differentiation is easy with thought leadership content marketing.   The average sales professional is making telephone calls and desperately trying to get appointments. You publish articles, interview experts for your podcast, and produce valuable videos that educate people in your industry. This will help you be invited into your prospective client companies so you can help them solve problems.  Why are they inviting you in? Because you are different than everyone else. You’re an expert.

Not that I have piqued your interest about thought leadership content marketing, let me give you a behind the scenes tour of how easily this can be done. The video below is a behind the scenes look at my podcast and video interview series. You will see how easy it is to set everything up and record the interview.

Behind the Scenes of The Do This Sell More Show

If you want to see some of the interviews we’ve recorded using this process, you can find them on this YouTube playlist: Do This Sell More Show.

If you would like to be a guest on the show, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out a guest request form by following this link: Guest Inquire for Do This Sell More