The Truth About Lawyers and Referrals

You commit marketing malpractice every day. There are dozens of people who want to refer you, but you ignore them. You claim to be “too busy” doing legal work. You always say you didn’t go to law school to “become a salesperson.” But your claims are not only untrue; they are foolhardy.

I’m not writing this to insult you. I’m writing this to wake you up.

If you are not receiving referrals, it is because you don’t have great relationships.

That’s the truth.

Referrals are a product of three specific marketing attributes:

  • Communication,
  • Differentiation and
  • Relationship Strength

You must develop and leverage these three key strengths to grow your book of business:


Your friends, your clients, and even your family members forget about you.

Don’t think this is true?

Talk to any personal injury attorney. They each have stories about how they hand HUGE checks to clients only to have those clients refer a relative to a different attorney one year later. When they ask “WHY?” the answer is almost always:

“Oh, my, I forgot all about you.”

You must make yourself unforgettable.

You do this through frequent, captivating communication with EVERYONE in your network.


Let’s face it; there are too many lawyers in the world. Everyone thinks your job is like an episode of Law and Order. You go to court. You take a plea, and you sit around and drink scotch and lament about life.

Start setting the record straight.

Start showing people how valuable you are. Start explaining why people need you. Start talking up your unique ability to solve complex problems.

If you don’t differentiate yourself and your capability, you reenforce your irrelevance.

Relationship Strength

Your legal skills mean nothing if you have no relationships. You need people who know you, like you and trust you, to connect you with future clients. If you bury your head in your work and never communicate with these folks, you’re doomed to take the matters other lawyers don’t want and toil away as their indentured servant.

Being a production attorney is not the end of the world; however, it leaves you at the mercy of people who have strong relationships and can create value for clients.

What You Must Do

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