The Shortcut to Attracting Affluent Clients

If you are looking for the shortcut to attracting affluent clients, you’ve come to the right place.

This episode of The Dave Lorenzo Daily reveals the secret I’ve been teaching my clients for years about attracting affluent clients and keeping them in your portfolio for the long term.

The Shortcut to Attracting Affluent Clients

This shortcut secret is called affinity selling.

This means you find the things you have in common with your target audience and you connect with them on that level FIRST before you try and do business with them.

Here are a few examples:


You get to choose whatever hobby you’d like in your life. In fact, you can choose multiple hobbies. Do you choose something you do alone in the quiet of your home pr do you choose something you do with a group of people? If you choose a group activity, who else participates in it?

Think about the hobbies that are of interest and look at the demographics of the people who also participate.

Wine tasting, art appreciation, photography, antiquing are all hobbies of people who have financial success.  There are dozens of others.  When selecting a new hobby, think about the things the affluent like to do, and choose one of them.


There are a number of ways to stay physically fit and enjoy yourself.  Examine the activity options in your community and select activities the wealthy pursue.  Do you workout in a gym?  Select one in the affluent part of town with a high-end clientele. If golf is your favorite pastime, consider joining a club rather than playing the public courses. Explore new activities. Consider following polo, croquet or equestrian activities.

The High End of Everyday Life

Think about the last time you said “I wouldn’t waste my money on that.” Maybe it was first class business travel. Maybe it was paying for better seats at a game or performance.

You need to reframe your mindset.

You know who pays for better experiences in life? People with money.

Here’s the point about affinity selling: If you are into attracting affluent clients you need to go where they go and do what they do. Put yourself in their path. Get inside their head. This understanding and this proximity will serve you well and you’d be more comfortable in connecting with them.