The Art of Entrepreneurship

An artist can’t possibly teach us anything about entrepreneurship, right? Wrong.

Today’s Do This Sell More show is a clinic for entrepreneurs. It is especially valuable for people who sell professional services.

Today I interview Beca Castel – A Miami-Base Artist who specializes in murals. In this interview you will discover:

  • How to create a unique value proposition
  • Why niche marketing is critical to commanding a fee premium
  • How to differentiate yourself from everyone else who does what you do
  • Why systems matter in any business, but especially in professional services
  • And much, much more


About Beca Castel

Beca Castel is a professional artist that specializes in custom paintings and murals for homes, businesses & commercial properties in South Florida. She is an alumnus of the
prestigious New World School of the Arts.

Her artwork has been showcased at Art Basel Miami in venues such as: SCOPE Miami, The Red Dot Art Fair and Art Fusion Galleries. You can also find her pieces in various Luxury Hotels in South Beach such as The Edition Hotel and The SLS Hotel South Beach.


Here is her contact information:

Beca Castel

Phone: (305) 987-9121
Facebook: @BecaCastel
Instagram: @Beca_Castel

Here is Your Guide to Dave Lorenzo’s Interview with Beca Castel

2:20 Examples of Beca’s art projects
3:11 How Beca got her start as an artist
5:00 Beca becomes interested in Entrepreneurship and makes an education decision
6:30 How she came to realize that custom art was a better business model
9:28 Why selecting this niche has helped Beca sell more art and command a fee premium
10:17 How Beca selected custom murals as her differentiating factor
11:55 Internet marketing helps artists cut out the middleman and make more money
13:50 How an artist can learn to qualify their clients (this will work for your business too)
19:46 Behind the scenes: How to help the client buy (vs. selling them)
21:55 How to qualify a lead and determine what to charge for your work
24:40 The design process makes or breaks the art and the business arrangement
27:30 Step-by-Step process for doing a mural
32:00 How Beca uses social media to market her work
33:15 Managing productivity can be a challenge when an artist is busy
35:10 The Qualifying process of an artist’s clients
36:46 Client urgency has an impact on the price of the work
46:18 The Story of Beca’s most famous project to date