Take Control Of Sales And Grow Your Business

This is your Five for Friday weekly email with all kinds of good stuff. As a reminder, each week I send you five things you need to know to grow your business.

This week we have a theme of “Take control of sales and you grow your business.”

It seems so simple but it requires focus.  Read these articles and watch the videos and then take massive action.

One: Tell Your Own Story

Stealing is wrong. This is especially true if you are stealing content from me.  If you are speaking to a group or writing an article, you need to tell original stories that are specific to you.  In this video, I share three reasons why this is so important.

Click here for the video titled Tell Your Own Story

Two: Don’t Go Dumb

Never dumb down your vocabulary or ideas when you are selling.  It is your job to elevate the conversation.  If you are looking to attract smart, engaged clients, you need to be smart and engaging.

Click here for the video and article titled: Never Dumb It Down

Three: Sell With Your Passion

You must be passionate about your business and the solutions you provide to your clients.  If you’re not passionate, you should find something else to do.  This article makes the case convincingly.

Click here for:  Sell With Your Passion

Four: How to Overcome Fear and Sell More

Why are you resisting taking action to get what you want? What is holding you back?  It is usually one of two things and both of them are FEAR.  In this brief video, we review the two major fears that are holding you back.  We also discuss how you can overcome them.

Watch this video: Overcome Fear and Sell More

Five: You Choose Your Clients

Most business leaders don’t realize they have all the tools necessary to select their clients.  You have the opportunity to choose which clients you want to work with.  This video will help you do exactly that.

Watch this video now:  You Choose Your Clients

These are five powerful articles (and four great videos). Make sure you go through each one and take action to make a great living and live a great life®.

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