Whether your focus is taking the company from “good to great” or jump-starting a business in a new market, the first step is to assess your sales strategy.

Tackling the challenge of entering a new market, requires leveraging your competitive advantage and applying it in a productive way to the new audience of clients. Many times, a company will rush into a new situation using the same plan that worked when targeting a different client-base.  When it fails, leadership looks at execution as the problem when, in reality, the strategic design was flawed from the start.

Dave Lorenzo helps company executives develop and review sales strategies to ensure the business achieves its goals. This includes a wide-ranging examination of requirements in the following areas where appropriate for the given client:

Human Capital Deployment

Selecting the right people, putting them in the correct roles and giving them the tools and developing an organized, focus approach toward client relationship development requires significant effort in the following areas:

  • Team Structure – Reporting relationships that focused on allowing the sales professionals to leverage their strengths and develop business relationships with clients – quickly.
  • Sales Success Profiles – Assessment of talent, skills, knowledge and experience for prospective team members.
  • Sales Ecosystem – Creating an environment that leads to success. Now more than ever, this is about leadership behavior as much as a physical location.
  • Territory Design – Marrying efficiency and design to ensure each sales professional can touch their most important relationships frequently.

 The 60 Second Sale Process

Reengineering the sales process into one that focuses on relationship development is mandatory for every organization seeking exponential growth. This means focusing each sales team member on:

  • Developing an External Orientation – Focusing on helping solve problems and achieve goals before asking for anything.Sales Strategy
  • Creating Expert Status – Each sales professional is sought out as an expert in their field and their recommendations are taken as gospel.
  • Leveraging Client Engagement– Approaching clients one at a time is too slow for today’s competitive business environment. Each team member must be able to employ leverage to connect with prospects in large numbers.
  • Creating Win-Win Outcomes (Closing) – Finalizing that deliver value for everyone involved.
  • Deepening Relationship Intimacy– Deepening existing relationships and creating new opportunities and referrals.

Sales Performance Management

Aligning pay with company objectives, developing clear expectations and providing transparency in an environment of mutual trust requires:

  • Fair, Competitive Compensation– Aligning pay with business outcomes.
  • Key Performance Indicators – Specific results-based metrics with realistic expectations and frequent measurement.
  • Activity Management – Reporting tools and incentives that provide a window into current opportunities and future results.

Sales Training

Removing barriers to success and helping each professional execute in alignment with company vision and strategy:

  • Sales Tools – Scripts, tactics and techniques for connecting with new prospects, developing and deepening relationships, and maintaining an external orientation.
  • Sales Training – Relationship growth skills development.
  • Execution Plan – Activities and milestones to roll out a new sales strategy.