Stop Fighting and Start Winning

Stop Fighting And Start Winning…

Everyone has a broadcast today. The average professional or business executive can have a YouTube show, a podcast, a weekly email column and an ongoing discussion with thousands. Years ago only people who were vetted were on television or radio, wrote news columns, or were put into a professorial role to lead socratic discussions.

This is good because it allows experts to deliver value in a myriad of media. I benefit from this.

Daily Video:  The Dave Lorenzo Daily
Weekly Podcast: Do This Sell More Show
Column:  Weekly Email Archived on My Website
Ongoing Discussion: Twitter and Facebook

Each of these forums allows me to deliver value to my audience.

Please read that sentence again.

This is a critical concept – delivering value.

Too often I see professionals and business leaders use these forums to start fights. Personal attacks replace rational arguments. Name-calling replaces listening. We spend time grandstanding to a crowd of people who agree with us but don’t invest in us.

We strive for “LIKES” and not RESPECT.

People want to be led. People want to be shown the way forward on every subject – from maritime law to raising their kids – but nobody is listening to the person who calls them “stupid” or “ignorant.”

Here is a formula for winning someone over to your way of thinking and getting them to invest in you:

State The Problem

People take action to solve problems. Sometimes the problem has to hit the person in the head (healthy eating, smoking cessation, embracing an exercise regimen).

Make It Personal

Highlight the problem with a story. This brings it home in an emotional way. People can replace the lead character in your story/case study with themselves. They can FEEL how this could happen to them.

Present a Generic Solution

People want to be led. Show them the way out of this mess.  Don’t tell them to call you – not yet anyway. DEMONSTRATE the solution through the hero’s journey in your story or the resolution of your case study.

Offer More Information

Finally, prepare a guide to solving the problem that people can receive in return for giving you their contact information.  Then follow-up with those who ask for this guide. Obviously they want help. Your call to them will be welcomed because you’ve already provide a great deal of value.

The forms of media I’ve listed at the top of this article are opportunities for you to build credibility, gain visibility, and differentiate yourself from everyone else who does what you do.

When you use my formula, you deliver value in a way that attract people to you.

Stop fighting and start winning people over.

Stop fighting and deliver value.


Speaking of winning…

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