Steven Sashen: Creating and Connecting with a Purpose | Do This Sell More Show 6

The Do This Sell More Show began as a weekly interview between Dave Lorenzo and a special guest. In this show Dave’s guest is Steven Sashen.

In this episode, Dave and Steven discuss:

  • The Shark Tank Experience.
  • Why Xero Shoe is a movement.
  • Building a community.
  • The reality of the guarantee.

Key Takeaways and actionable tips:

  • Create your product to support the purpose.
  • Build your marketing based on the customer lifecycle.
  • A guarantee isn’t dangerous if you have a good product.
  • Just be a nice person. Don’t let the anonymity of the internet change the way you interact with humans as a human being.

“People like relating to people, not to things, not to an amorphous corporate blob.”– Steven Sashen

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About Steven Sashen

Steven Sashen is a serial entrepreneur who has never had a job, a former professional stand up comic and award-winning screenwriter, and a competitive sprinter — one of the fastest men over 55 in the country (maybe the fastest 55+ Jew in the world!). He and his wife, Lena Phoenix, co-founded the footwear company Xero Shoes, creating “a MOVEMENT movement” which has helped hundreds of thousands of people Live Life Feet First with happy, healthy, strong feet in addictively comfortable footwear. Steven and Lena also appeared on Shark Tank, where they turned down a $400,000 offer from Kevin O’Leary. 

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About Dave Lorenzo

David Lorenzo is a sales expert, business strategy consultant, and author who has built five successful businesses during the past 25 years. Some of his most impressive ventures include taking a corporate housing company from start-up to over $50 million in annual revenue and leading a professional services firm from start-up to over $250 million in revenue.

Dave does three things: He works with business leaders to develop sales strategy and drive revenue growth. He develops and delivers speeches and training programs that increase sales. He coaches entrepreneurs, sales executives, and professionals on relationship-based sales strategy.

Dave received his MBA from Pace University. He also holds a Masters’ of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University in New York City.

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Twitter: @TheDaveLorenzo
Instagram: @TheDaveLorenzo

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