Step 15: In Case of Emergency Do This Sell More

This is the 15th and final step in the free sales course. The title of the this step is: In Case of Emergency Do This Sell More.

Step Fifteen: In Case of Emergency Do This Sell More

Welcome to step 15. This is the final step in our process, in I call this step “In case of emergency, Do This Sell More.” This is the step that I hope you never need, but you will. We all need it at some point. This is the step you need to come to when you need money fast. If you’re watching this, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re thinking, I don’t what I’m going to do but I need money. First thing I want to tell you is make sure, after you go through step 15, you go back to step 14, go through the habits to get your head on straight, but know that you’re here in step 15 and you need some money quickly. I’m going to give you some action items that will help you get there. Know that we’ve all been where you are right now, and you’re going to be here again. Just have the confidence to know that once you get through this, you control your financial future.

Here are some things you can do today to get money in the door today. The first thing I want you to do, action number one, is what I call the phone a friend strategy. Go through your entire list. Start with your best clients. Work your way through your entire list. Call everybody up, ask them how things are going, talk about the value you provide for people, and see if there’s anything new you can do for your existing clients.

Once you go through your list of clients, go through your hottest prospects. Call them all up, tell them about the value you provide, see if there’s any problems they need help solving. Say it just like that. Call them up, “Hi, it’s Dave. Just checking in to see how you’re doing. I was thinking about you and I’m wondering what’s going on in your business. Is there anything that’s a particularly tough challenge for you right now? Anything you think I may be able to help you with?” This conversation, this frank, direct conversation, it may come off as a little bit desperate. It doesn’t to the client. Comes off to the client as if you want to help him or her. Comes off to the prospect as if you want to help him or her. I want you to do this first with your clients, then with your prospects, then with your evangelists. If you have a list of 100, 100, and 100, I want you to make 300 phone calls as quickly as you can, and I want you simply to ask what’s going on in their life, what their biggest challenge is, and see if you can help them solve that challenge for money.

If you do this with 50 people, you will come across at less five who have an opportunity for you to do business with them. That’s just the law of big numbers. 50 people, you’ll get five. 10% of the people will have a problem that you can solve. If you can close two or three of them, you got money in the door tomorrow. Clients, prospects, evangelists, phone those people. Ask what’s going on in their lives. Ask what their biggest challenge is. See if you can help them solve that challenge for money. That’s step number one.

Step number two: look for the last dozen people who have referred you business. Call them up. Thank them for those referrals. Ask them who you can refer business to for them. The last dozen people, two-dozen people who referred you business, call them up. I don’t care if they’re clients or evangelists, just look for the last dozen or two-dozen people who have referred you business. Ask who you can refer them to. What this is going to do is this is going to stimulate you in their mind again, and there’s a good chance half of them will have more business for you.

Here’s the thing. Referrals are like M&Ms, or chocolate chip cookies, or potato chips: people don’t just have one. If someone sent you business, they have more business to send you. When you call up and ask them who you can connect them to, and thank them for the referral, half of them will have somebody else they can connect you to. If they connect you to somebody right now who’s ready to do business with you right now, that gets money in the door today. Call up your last two-dozen referral sources, ask them who you can refer them to. You’ll be shocked when they give you a referral as a result.

Step three: it’s what I call the subway moment. If you’ve ever ridden the subway … I rode the subway all the time in New York City. I still ride the subway whenever I go to New York City … people get right in your face. When somebody gets that close to you, you force yourself to introduce yourself to them. That’s right. I want you introducing yourself to complete strangers all over the place. “Hi, my name is Dave. What’s your name? What do you do for work? Oh that’s interesting. How did you get into that? Oh, tell me, what’s your biggest challenge?”

Look, it’s going to feel stupid. It’s going to feel strange. It’s going to feel crazy. It’s a one in 100 shot that this will result in any business, but it’s the activity that I want you to be after. I want you to do this activity because this activity results in money. This activity results in money. Introduce yourself to some strangers. Anyone gets within two or three feet of you you have to introduce yourself to them until you’re out of this funk where you need money. That activity is an activity that will produce the right mindset for you to develop business.

Step number four. I call this step wait for nothing. I want you to go to restaurants, coffee shops, diners, and I want you to introduce yourself to the waiters, waitresses, all the staff. The reason? These people meet lots of people. I want you to tell them what you do and I want you to tell them who you want to meet. Why? Because they talk to people. They can introduce you to people who can do business with you. I want you to do this because this is another mindset opportunity for you, but it’s also a business opportunity. Go to the same places all the time, meet all the wait staff. Make sure they know you, make sure they have your business cards, make sure they know who you want to meet. Then mine them for opportunity.

I have gotten some of the best deals in my career from people who were bellmen at hotels, waiters or waitresses, people who knew me from clubs that I belong to or places that I frequented. Why? Because they knew me, they introduced me to people who they also knew who were just like me, and they were a great conduit. By the way, they work for tips, so when they introduce you to someone and there’s a big deal that’s produced, make sure the next time you go there you take care of them accordingly, and you’ll be amazed at how many more introductions you get from them. The wait staff is a phenomenal opportunity for you. Don’t miss out.

Action number five. We talked about the learn at lunch. I want you to get on the phone and offer to do a learn at lunch for all of your clients in a different division of the companies that they work in. I want you to talk to everybody, send out an email, make a phone call, offer to do this as quickly as you possibly can. Because this is the fastest path to the sale. When someone introduces you to someone in their company, that trust is passed automatically. I want you doing three or four learn at lunch events every month. As long as you’re in this desperate spot for money, do three or four of those every month. That activity will result in cash quickly.

Action number six is what I call the relief pitcher. You need to plant these seeds before you actually need money, but now while you need the money, this is a good time to start. I want you to go out to your competitors. I want you to go out to people who are in your industry. I want you to tell them that if they ever need someone in your area and they’re sick, or they can’t make it, or they need someone to fill in, you’ll be that person. The reason I want you to do that is because we all have opportunities when we can’t deliver. Maybe we’ve got something going on in our personal life and we can’t deliver, or we can’t make the business trip because something happened. I want you to be that person.

Offer your competitors that opportunity, because when you list suspect they will call you and they will say, “I’ve got this client. I have a conflict. I can’t take care of them. You can have the business.” In return, they hope that you will do the same for them. Do this now while you’re forced to do so because you’re out meeting people because you need business, and you’ll be amazed at when your competitors have conflicts or when your competitors can’t take care of a specific client, how they offer it to you and not someone else because you were nice enough to have this conversation with them. Now is the time to have the conversation because you’re motivated enough to do it. When times are good, you won’t want to do this particular step, so get out and do it now. Because when you least suspect, that money will come in and it will be found money for you.

This is the 15th and final step in this process. I want you to know that if you’re here and you’re watching this because you really need the cash to come in immediately, take these strategies and implement them right away. Also go back through this process and pick one or two other strategies, one or two other action items, and implement them immediately. The money will be there. Just keep up the confidence in yourself. I’m Dave Lorenzo and I’ve enjoyed going through the 60-second sales process with you. I hope you go through this, and it’s a guide for you for the rest of your career in sales.