Speed Creates Urgency

Speed creates urgency among everyone who encounters it. You see this in sports and you see it in business. I didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out to me.

Years ago I was at just another business lunch.

“Are you serious about taking control of your future?”

This was the question being posed to me by the guy across the table.


I answered timidly.

“Then you need to learn how to get things done quickly.  It doesn’t matter if you feel comfortable or not, the person who makes things happen is always going to be successful.  Even if you are wrong and you make a big mistake, if you act quickly, most of the time you can correct a mistake before it does damage.”

He continued:

“When people see you take an idea and turn it into to a money-making business, you want them to stop dead in their tracks and say:

‘Wow. That was fast!’

Speed is not only an effective tool for making your goals a reality; it is also an intimidating competitive advantage.

Big companies can’t act quickly. Entrepreneurs can.  Live by that rule.”

This was my introduction to urgency.

I was fortunate enough to stumble into a relationship with a successful entrepreneur and he helped me understand the value of taking action quickly…on everything.

Over time, I developed some guidelines for taking action, both in business and in my personal life.  These guidelines have served me well. Read through them and see which ones you can implement immediately.

Fast Action Rules 

It is Better to Act Than to React

If you like control, action helps you seize the initiative.  Sitting around waiting for something to happen forces you into someone else’s plan. Taking action forces the world to adapt to your plan.

Time Is Perishable. Make it Valuable

When today ends you can have a list of things you accomplished and the results to go along with it or you can have a list of dreams and ideas.  Which is more valuable?

There are No Mistakes, Only Learning Opportunities

Even when things go horribly wrong (a failed marriage, a costly business bankruptcy) these things are only considered failures if you do not learn from them.

Taking action will give you three possible results:

1). Successfully completing your mission and obtaining your objective

2). Learning from the process

3). Both success and learning

None of those is a bad thing.  The process may be painful but taking action will definitely pay dividends in the long run.

The Universe Respects Action

The faster you act the more attractive you become.  People love being around people who make things happen.

If you want to attract more opportunity, if you want to attract successful people into your life, if you want to be respected as a leader, take action.

Action Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Action helps increase confidence. Once you realize you are in control of your fate, you feel powerful. Empowering yourself reduces anticipatory anxiety (also known as stress).  Waiting increases stress.

This is your opportunity to change everything.

Use this message as a reason to get going.

Do something right now that will make your clients, your coworkers, or your peers step back and say:

“Wow. That was fast.

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