Seven Ways to Sell Today

You want to know what you can do today to attract more clients. I get it. There’s noting wrong with wanting specifics. Here are seven ways to sell today. The thing to remember about each of these tactics – they are cumulative – meaning the longer you do them, the more powerful they become.

Seven Ways to Sell Today 1: Write Daily

You think of selling as sitting across the table from someone and convincing him to buy something. That’s not it. The final step in the sales process is helping someone solve a problem for money. But before you get anywhere near that step, the buyer needs to know you exist and he must believe you are an expert.

That’s why writing is important.

Writing does three things for sales professionals:

  1. Creates visibility: People who don’t know you exist cannot buy from you. If you publish articles on your website, people searching for information can find you.
  2. Establishes credibility: You know your stuff. Show off your knowledge in your articles.
  3. Differentiates you from everyone else: Your writing makes you an expert. Salespeople are everywhere. Experts are rare. Be the guy they seek out.

Writing an article each day and publishing it on your website and in social media is a great way to develop a relationship with your prospective clients. If you can’t get to it daily, three times a week will work. Selling means building relationships. People who read your articles want to have a relationship with you. These are terrific potential clients.

Seven Ways to Sell Today 2: Email Weekly

Each week pick your best article and email it to the people in your contact database. This will help you develop a deeper relationship with them. And no, weekly email is not too frequent. Communication only becomes annoying when it is not interesting. As long as your content is good, you will be successful with a weekly email.

Seven Ways to Sell Today 3: Print and Mail a Newsletter Monthly

Regular mail works better than ever. People pay more attention now to regular mail than they do to email. Compile your best few articles from your blog, put them in a newsletter format, and mail them out. You will capture a portion of your audience that typically does not connect on social media or email. This never goes out of style…because it works!

Seven Ways to Sell Today 4: Connect with Bankers and CPAs

Bankers and CPAs need to establish relationships with their clients just like you do. It makes good sense to develop relationships with these professionals. You can add value to the relationship your banker or CPA has with his clients and he can add value to your client relationships. Adding value is good relationship development strategy.

Seven Ways to Sell Today 5: Take on a Leadership Role in the Community

People want to be lead. They like leaders. Step up and take a leadership role in your community. It will show that you are responsible and reliable. It will help inspire confidence in your prospective clients. You can’t just sit back and wait to be successful. You must earn your success.

Seven Ways to Sell Today 6: Share Your Friends

One of the fastest ways to gain favor with prospective clients is to connect people to others who can help them. If you do this, it benefits three people: First it benefits the two people you are bringing together and then it benefits you. If you selflessly share your connections with others, you will reap the rewards as both people will be appreciative.

Seven Ways to Sell Today 7: Become a Follow-up Maniac

This is the cardinal rule of selling. You must follow up with everyone, constantly. People need to hear your message a minimum of seven times before it begins to sink in. Follow up early and often and you will be successful.

You can still sell to people sitting across the table from you. In fact, you must do that each day. But getting those people to the table starts with these seven ways to sell today. Once you use them consistently you’ll find you have more opportunities to help people in exchange for financial compensation.

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