Selling To The Unwashed Masses

I was raised a Catholic, complete with twelve years of immersion through daily religious education. While this undoubtedly helped shape my moral fiber, it also imparted a high degree of certitude that my religion was the “CORRECT” religion.  It was only after meeting people of other faiths that I came to learn that they were also raised to believe they were following the one true path.

Religion is a touchy subject and there is no logical argument to persuade someone to abandon their system of beliefs and convert to yours. That process, if it occurs at all, happens because of an emotional experience. We Catholics refer to this as a CALLING.

People tend to hear (or better put, experience) a calling when they are in a time of emotional receptivity.

The same can be said about convincing a client to switch from a competitor’s product or service to an offering you provide.

There is no logical case that will facilitate a conversion. You must appeal to the emotional needs of the client at a time when he is receptive.

The trick is finding that opportunity.

Actually, there is no trick to it. You can take one of two approaches: You can hold regular educational events – like Sunday services – and open your doors for whomever would like to enter; or You can go door-to-door and look to convert anyone who answers (while avoiding barking dogs, protective farmers with shotguns, and lonely agoraphobes who will talk to anyone while they feed their dozen cats).

The second method is extremely difficult. You wind up with lots of resistance because people always think their way is the RIGHT way. They are not open to being convinced.

That’s why I want you to open your doors periodicly and educate people with stories, testimonials and the miracles of your products and services. Those who are interested will seek you out, and those who are not, are less likely to waste your time…or shoot you.