Selling Success Requires Positive Relationships

Selling is all about building positive relationships.

Whenever you start a new relationship you take some risks.

The biggest risk you face is that the other person will reject you.

Rejection hurts.

And no matter how many people love you, some will always reject you and inevitably, you’ll feel the sting of that rejection.

For every hundred positive reviews of one of my books or audio podcasts, there are always a few people who expend energy telling the world how bad they think my work is.

And, as is human nature, I don’t remember many of the positive reviews but I remember EVERY negative one.

But rather than bring me down, the negative reviews fire me up. They help steel my resolve. Every time I read a negative review I double my marketing effort. I do twice as much writing, I speak to twice as many groups, and I make twice as many phone calls, compared to the time prior to the venomous critique.

I turn the energy from one sour review into a tsunami of positive relationships. Selling success requires positive relationships.

Negative people can only bring you down if you let them. Turn their energy into action and use that action to develop new relationships.

Use your energy to focus on the great relationships in your life.

Make a list of your great relationships right now. Surround yourself with these positive people.  Use them to help you push through any negativity you face. Remember, selling success requires positive relationships