Sell Your Thinking

You don’t sell a product or service. You sell a relationship. You sell your thinking.  Before someone will entertain the idea of being in a relationship with you they need to appreciate the way you approach your work.

That’s why content is so important.

Information you organize and share demonstrates your thinking.

Here are the three most important ways you can organize your thoughts and share them with prospective clients:

Your Primary Web Presence

Everyone needs to have a website. Even if you work for a large company, you need to have a place on the internet where you share your thinking with the world. This website is your primary web presence. You should write at least one article each week and post it there. When people evaluate you, in advance of doing business with you, they have tangible evidence of your thinking.


In addition to the articles posted on your website, you should submit articles to trade journals and publications read by your clients. These articles not only allow you to share your thoughts, they allow you to shape the thinking of others.  When it comes to thinking, you shouldn’t follow the crow, you should lead the crowd.


Anytime you have the opportunity to get in front of a group of people and share your thoughts, you are selling your thinking. Public speaking is an outstanding way to give people a window into your mindset. Speak to a group and you can shape the thinking of people who have the potential to buy from you.

Ig you want to sell more (of anything) you need to develop relationships. Relationships start with people being interested in you. This requires demonstrating coherent, rational thought on the issues facing your clients, their business and their industry. You must sell your thinking before you sell anything else.