Sell to People Who Are Like Your Best Clients

You must sell to people who are like you best clients.

Right now, you are selling to the wrong people.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re the best sales executive in your office. You’ve gone on some company trips and received recognition. Your closing ratio is above 50%.  Everyone tells you how good you are.

But you’re working too hard.

Here’s why:

You subscribe to the hype about sales.  Hustle and activity is all you need to be successful.

Not true.

Before you hustle, before you jack up your activity, you need to use your head.

Apply your effort to the right target, and in the right way, and you’ll improve your already-high closing ratio and you’ll connect with better clients.

Today, you’ll take a sales meeting with anyone. If they have any interest, you’ll sit with them.

You prospect from a list of people created by someone else or you prospect from a list of people who are currently using your competitor’s product or service.

Invest your hustle time in really getting to know your IDEAL client and you’ll find out you’ve been going about the prospecting process all wrong.

Do this:

Schedule a meeting with your best client and ask them:

1). What groups (industry, social, philanthropic) do you belong to?

2). What industry (community) publications do you read?

3). Who in your industry (social circle) do you admire?

After you get the answers to these questions, act.

Go to the conventions your best clients attend. Read the publications they read. Learn everything you can about the people they admire.

After you do those things, put together your target list and match your solutions to their biggest issues or most important goals.

That’s where you invest your “hustle time.” That’s where you put all your effort.

You’re closing rate will go up and your average client value will double almost overnight.

Instead of chasing ANY client go after clients who are identical to your BEST client.

Adjust your target and you’ll close more deals and make more money.

In my new book The 60 Second Sale, I have an entire list of questions you can ask to get inside the mind of your best client.  Use these questions and you’re closing ratio will explode.  You will have a better understanding of your client’s needs and you’ll increase the lifetime value of those client relationships.