You Sell More When Buyers Have Options

You sell more when you offer your buyer options.

Offering a “yes’ or “no” is forcing the buyer into a corner.

Nobody responds well to that.

Find a way to give your buyer choices and you raise the probability of closing the deal.

This video provides you with more detail.

Here is the transcript of this video:

Want to close more deals?

Offer people options.

When you offer someone only a yes or no option, you got a 50% chance of getting a no. That’s something I can’t live with. When people come to me for a deal, I always offer them choices of three options. Let’s phrase it like a good, a better, and a best. No matter what you have to sell, people will be more inclined to work with you if you give them three choices and they can choose what they want to say yes to. People love to buy but they hate to feel pressured. They hate to feel stuck in a corner. That’s what a yes or no deal gives them. It gives them all kinds of pressure and they think, if I do this I may get stuck. But when they have choices, when you give them options, they feel like they’re in control, because they really are. They have the opportunity to select from three things instead of just a binary choice of yes or no.

How do you do this?

Typically what you’ll do is you’ll have one option that exactly meets their needs. That’s the good option. Then you’ll have a second option which meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Maybe it gives them just a little bit more comfort, gives them just a little bit more pleasure, gives them just a little bit more status. Then you’ll have the third option. That third option is the absolute best you have to offer. It is the highest status they can achieve in working with you. It is the option that is going to set them apart from everyone else.

Think of it like a line of cars. You have the basic transportation. Then you have the luxury transportation. Then you have the ultra luxury, which only the top 1 or 2% drive. That type of selection will generate enormous revenue for you when people select the top tier. About 10% of the time people will select the top tier, but people will be hesitant to select the tier that just meets their needs, option number one, the tier that just meets their needs.  The reason they’ll be hesitant to do that is because of fear of missing out.

Every business can use this.

You can put it to work for you right now.

You want to close more deals?

Offer options.