Secret to Sales Motivation: Spend Your Money

The secret to sales motivation is to spend your money. Spend all of it.

On the surface this looks like the craziest thing I’ve ever written (or said in a video).  But there is a logic to it.

Entrepreneurs and sales executives are well motivated when they are fighting for their own survival.  Is this survival instinct necessary? For many, yes.

The reason it takes a look into a deep abyss to scare entrepreneurs and sales executives into action is because of the pain they face in being rejected time and time again.

The pain of being broke is greater than the pain of being rejected on a sales call.

If you’ve ever experienced the phenomena of making “just enough money” to pay your bills, you know what I’m talking about.

Not unexpectedly, I’ve received lots of criticism for this philosophy. Some folks have called it irresponsible, some call it shortsighted, some say it is just flat out stupid.

I encourage you to ask the people who invested their retirement savings in the stock market and retired in 2009, 2010 or 2011 if they wish they had spent and enjoyed their money – because they were wiped out while they sacrificed and saved and went back to work.

Ask the people who saved and invested with Bernie Madoff if they wish they had spent that money.

But more importantly, as an entrepreneur, think about what you would have now if you invested in yourself and in your business instead of squirreling away a couple of bucks each week.  Would spending that money on advertising or distribution or infrastructure efficiency improvements in your business have delivered a greater return on investment than the one percent you received from a bank?

If you want to improve sales motivation, spend your money.

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