Sales Success Is In Your Head

There are three things that separate successful people from those who remain stuck in “neutral.”

These three things are not taught in any school.

They’re not found in a book or on a website.

They’re not special techniques you can learn from a guru.

These three things are personal qualities. They’re part of your behavior. They are a way you approach life.

The three things that separate successful people from those who wish they were successful impact the way you approach your work and your life.

Here, in no particular order, are those three qualities:


My  son is learning to play baseball on a team run by a former professional baseball player. The first thing they taught him is to run everywhere. If you’re taking the field, run to your position. If you’re heading to the bench, run off the field. If you’re heading to get a drink, run to the water cooler and run back.

The reason: If you get where you’re going quickly, you will be ready for anything. Nothing will catch you by surprise.

Successful people act quickly when they see an opportunity. They don’t wait. They believe if they act quickly and make a mistake, they can act quickly to fix it.

Speed is a huge competitive advantage.


The point when you give up is often the point when you are closest to success. Successful people stick with things all the way through until they get the desired result.

Sometimes this takes days, weeks, months, or even a lifetime.

Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep trying.

The only way to be certain you will not succeed is to give up.

Successful people have a tenacious focus on their goal and even if they have to make several course corrections, they continue to move forward.


Each day there are dozens (if not hundreds) of things you should be grateful to experience.

It starts with just waking up in the morning. This is not guaranteed to anyone.

No matter what happens throughout the course of your day, the good things that happen to you will always out number the bad.

Successful people focus on those good things and they are grateful for them.

People who struggle tend to focus on the bad things. Losers focus almost exclusively on the bad things.

If you want to change EVERYTHING in your life, start by thinking about the things that are going RIGHT for you and be grateful for them.

If you never appreciate the great things and the great people in your life, you will never, ever, be able to achieve your goals.


Because positive energy attracts more positive energy and negative energy attracts more of the same.

Begin and end each day by thinking about three things you appreciate and you’ll be amazed how your business (and your life) improves.

I’m not saying these are the only qualities that separate successful people from everyone else. But these three qualities can make the most immediate impact in your business and in your life.

Start right now. Improve your speed. Stick with tough tasks and practice gratitude for everything going well in your life.

Focus on these three things for 30 days and you’ll be amazed at how EVERYTHING in your life improves.

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