What To Do To Get Sales On Track

Many people come to me because they want to get their sales on track.  If this is you and something happened along the way and you got off track, realize  that’s not unusual.

Our relationship is one where I serve as the gentle nudge to get you focused on things that will make a difference in your life.

Let’s take a second and examine why your business growth efforts are off track. Once we diagnose this, we can get your sales on track. There are only three reasons why your focus strays from business development.

Reason 1:  Fear

This sounds harsh but we all fear rejection. We don’t want people to tell us they are not interested in our ideas.  This is hard-wired into all humans.

Fact: 99% of the world doesn’t care about you or your ability to help them. They are too focused on their own baggage and they can’t be bothered getting out of their own way.

You have the ability to connect with people and help them. You can make a difference in their lives but they need to take the first step and welcome your solutions.

Business development – sales – new relationship origination – is simply the process of finding people you CAN help who are WILLING and ABLE to accept your help.

When you look at it from this perspective, your fear dissipates. People who “reject” you, are making a conscious choice to refuse assistance. They are drowning in the ocean and they refuse the life ring you are tossing them.

You must push through your subconscious fear of rejection and find the people who appreciate you and your talent.

Reason 2:  Lack of Discipline

Saying you don’t have time to develop new relationships is like saying you don’t have time to breathe. Without oxygen, you die. Without new relationships your business dies.

Yeah, I know. If you do a good job, your clients and evangelists (referral sources) will refer you to people and that’s how you will grow.

That’s a load of crap.

Nobody is going out of his way to refer you. When it happens it is either 1). By design (something you intentionally engineered) or 2). Dumb luck. A fluke. Like toast falling off the table, butter-side-up.

Doing good work is the price of entry into the world of business. Stop thinking it is a competitive advantage.

You must have a system you execute each day to develop new relationships. That’s discipline.

If you don’t, you are lost at sea, adrift like a ship without a rudder hoping to reach some kind of safe harbor.

It’s not going to happen.

If you’ve got no system, the least you can do is make a list of three things, to do today, to develop new relationships and execute them before you do anything else.

Reason 3:  Intellectual Rigidity 

When you think you know more about a subject than an expert, you are screwed.

When this happens in my client relationships, I fire the client. Why? Because this situation is exactly like a carpenter blaming his hammer when he can’t figure out how to build a house.

My system is a set of tools you use to develop new relationships. You don’t need all of them, all the time, but you do need to learn how to use each tool properly in order to be effective.

You can put a screw into a board with a hammer but it is not as effective as a screwdriver.

You must listen to my advice and you must attempt, in good faith, to execute it properly.

It All Comes Down to Clarity of Purpose

All of this is summed up in one simple concept:  CLARITY OF PURPOSE

If you approach each day with one objective:

Develop One New Business Relationship

Everything else falls into place.

That’s your job. 

The minute you decide to set this objective aside, even for one day, you lose.

Review these three issues and diagnose your situation.  If you want help, I am available.   

Here is the question I need you to answer now:

What will you do, to take control of your business and your income? 

Have a great week.


Dave Lorenzo

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