Sales Objections: How to Get Past Them and Close Deals

Sales objections happen. You can get past them and make a deal but first you must understand why they occur.

“The price is too high.”
“I want to think it over.”
“My situation is different.”

These are just some of the things prospective clients say that frustrate and annoy you. But they shouldn’t. Here’s why:

When you receive a stall or an objection from a client it means they are concerned about something beyond the words. It means one of four things:

No Money
No Trust
No Authority
No Need/Interest

If you want some specific scripts for overcoming these objections, watch the videos on my YouTube channel in the objections playlist. You can find them here:

How to Overcome Objections

Of course you have to address these concerns when they come up but the objection is about the client and not about you.

Understand Why

That’s the point of this email: Helping you realize the reason WHY the clients throw up these roadblocks.

Clients who present objections about money do not see the value in your product or service. Your job in that case is to demonstrate the return on investment and do it in a way that makes an emotional connection.

Clients who present trust objections need to see more testimonials and letters of recommendation. They also need to experience more goodwill from you.

The last two objections – no authority and no need/interest – should never happen. These two factors should be qualified before you ever enter a meeting with a prospect. You only meet with people who have purchase authority and a problem you can solve. Anything else is a waste of time.

It Comes Down to The Relationship

The bottom line on objections is: Building a relationship with your prospect in advance will lead to direct conversations and less objections.

Here’s the link again to the videos with scripts on how to overcome the five most common objections.

How to Overcome Objections

If you find yourself facing these objections frequently, you need to adjust your pre-meeting qualification process. If you’d like help with that, give me a call.