Sales: The Least You Need to Know

As a new feature in 2018, I’m going to provide you with five new sales ideas or amusing items each Friday.  I’m calling this “Five for Friday.”  It’s a creative title I know.

The idea is to give you some links to good stuff I’ve created or come across during the past seven days.

Here are your five sales ideas for this week:

Item 1:  You Get What You Pay For.  Your Clients Do Too.

My website crapped out a couple of times this week.  This happened because I was promoting an event and the demand crushed the web interface.

I was using someone from Pakistan to monitor and provide maintenance on the site.  They were cheap and, apparently, not up to the task.

I received the value I paid for.

I’ve since invested in a more sophisticated firm to monitor and maintain my website.  I will pay for this with the money I don’t lose from the site being down.

I’m also going to use this experience as a tool to teach my clients about value.  I value sleeping better at night knowing my website is handling the traffic I drive to it.  I didn’t recognize this value until it hit me in the face.

Don’t let something bad happen before you recognize value.

Item 2: What did You Get for Christmas?  I Got Pink Eye.

Yes. I got a disgusting Infection.

Here are the details (in a video):

Item 3: People Still Care About Thier Growth

In addition to selling out an event with a broken website, I also signed up a record number of people to my Sales Mentor program this past week.  It seems the turning of a calendar page is a good time to focus on developing new habits.

People recognized that in droves in response to an email I sent this week.

Thank you to those who engaged me. If you thought about it but didn’t act, it’s not too late.

Here is the program:  SuccessMax Sales Mentor

Item 4:  Always Have a Notebook Handy

In 2017 I tried to use an electronic note-taking app to keep track of my ideas and things to do. This was after years of using a small notebook I carried around in my back pocket.  That was an abysmal failure.  I couldn’t type fast enough into my phone and the damn thing often autocorrected to something I didn’t want to record.

So for 2018, I’m back to a physical notebook.  This makes me very happy.

The value is immeasurable.  I never lose track of a great idea and I never forget to pick up the thing my wife asks me to get at the supermarket.

Item 5: Find Inspiration Wherever It Exists

I spend a lot of time with my kids. That’s one of the benefits of working from home in a business I control.

My 9-year-old son struggled this past baseball season. He wasn’t ready for the upgraded competition in the new league.  He recognized it and he asked me to help make him better.

The season ended on November 15 and he tries out for a new team on January 20. During the time between seasons, we wanted to work on his strength and conditioning as well as his confidence.  Nick (my son) and I set up a home training program and we enrolled him in an intense MMA school 4 days per week.

Here is a glimpse into a few workouts in a one minute video.

Yeah, I’m bragging about my kid but he inspires me.