The Rainmaker is Dead…Long Live the Rainmaker

In March 2008 I invested in developing a website on cutting edge software called Expression Engine. The software made it easy to update the website each day with new articles. Blogging was the rage.

Since I was working almost exclusively with attorneys back then, it was natural to host the blog at

That website soared to the top of the Google rankings because of my great content and my phone rang frequently. As more and more people began doing the Google Dance, it became more difficult to stay on top of the rankings. The algorithm changed frequently and what was a top article last week became a second page article overnight. By 2010 people were gaming the system and outranking me but the content on the website helped me build credibility, visibility, and it differentiated me.

By 2012 my business evolved to include people from other industries, I had written a couple of books, and the Internet was a tertiary business growth strategy for me. Relationships were now responsible for most of my revenue and most of my business growth.

Today, people discover me in three primary ways:

  1. By referral
  2. Through videos posted on YouTube
  3. Through one of the books I’ve written

My website is important for credibility purposes and I have a nice modern website at

But I start relationships by delivering value and I grow them by continuing to deliver value.

That’s how you become a rainmaker today.

As of midnight last night, is no longer a website.  We have redirected that domain to a video playlist with valuable business development information for lawyers.  I post two new videos for attorneys there each week. You can watch those videos, take action, and grow your practice.

I loved the website. I still love the brand and I still love to work with lawyers.

If you’re an attorney, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Each week I post two new videos just for you. Each day I post a new video on relationship-based sales (and attorneys can benefit from those as well). Oh and on Thursdays I interview a new business leader who has grown a business. You can find those videos on my YouTube channel under the show name: Do This Sell More.

What can you learn from my activity?

Change is good.

Adjust the delivery of your information based upon how your clients and prospective clients want to receive it.

I’m doing lots of video, a podcast, and putting everything on social media sites because that’s how my clients want to receive it. You need to make a similar adjustment.

How do your best clients like to receive information?

Where do they go to find it?

Go there and do that.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and I’m looking forward to continuing to deliver valuable information and deepen my relationship with you.