Qualities of Sales Superstars

All sales superstars have qualities that separate them from everyone else.

We are all looking for the one big thing that will make a difference in our business and our career.

We want the one thing that will deliver bags of money to our doorstep.  We want to purchase the winning lottery ticket that will change our lives forever.

The problem with thinking along those lines is while money solves some problems, it brings many others to the forefront.

Don’t get me wrong:  Money is great.  Money is important.  But money alone is not enough for you to make a great living and live a great life.

In fact, you may think money is the ONLY thing missing from your life right now (or MORE money is the only thing missing from your life now).

You are wrong.

There are three factors necessary for making a great living and living a great life. Unless you master all three, you will always fall short.

The factors are: Capability, Confidence and Clarity.  You need them all.

Here’s why:


All of us think this is the one factor that makes the difference.  If you are the best doctor, if you are the best lawyer, if you are the best CPA, best store owner, best realtor, best caterer, etc. people will flock to you in droves.

If you are the most capable person in your field, people will beat a path to your door.

Not true.

Capability is only one third of the equation.

But wait…there’s more… Capability is a multifaceted concept.

Professional capability, meaning excellence only in the tactical aspects of your profession, is only a small part of your success.

It is not enough to be great at your chosen profession.

You also have to be great as the CEO of your business.

You have to be great as a marketer.

You have to be great as a strategist.

Or you must find capable people to fill in the areas where you will not develop mastery.


This is an area where all of us fall short.

You are better than you think you are.

Read that again.

You deliver fantastic value to your clients/patients/customers.   You help improve their lives.  Act like it.

Lack of confidence will kill any chance you have of being successful.


If there is a “secret” ingredient to success, it is clarity.

I often tell audiences that my moment of clarity came when I cancelled a lunch appointment with my wife to deliver a “command performance” to the CEO of a big client organization.  On my way to that meeting, I was struck in by a speeding taxi cab while in a crosswalk in New York City.

In an instant my priorities shifted.

A cab driver helped me realize that living a great life was just as important as making a great living.

Business became a catalyst to unlocking the lifestyle I wanted.  It enabled me to become who I am but it does not define who I am.

I use this lens of clarity to make decisions about everything from client selection to travel plans related to my business.

You must know where you want to go and the role your business will play in helping you get there.

Alignment Needed

All three of these factors must be in place if you want to make a great living and live a great life.

If you have capability, confidence and clarity, your life will become a rewarding journey that fulfills and excites you.  You will attract great clients/patients/customers who will recognize and reward you based upon the value you bring to their lives.