Experience, Guidance and Objectivity in Purchase, Sale, Evaluation, Business Strategy, and Succession Planning

Dave Lorenzo offers several consulting services to law firms, family offices, and professional practices. During the past 28 years, he has facilitated the purchase or sale of dozens of professional practices, assisted with mergers and integration, and created hundreds of succession plans.

If you are struggling with a particularly thorny issue, thinking about selling your practice or want to audit your current business to be sure the structure will allow you to achieve your goals, give Dave a call.

Here are a few of the areas where Dave has been of service to his clients:

Purchase or Sale of a Law Firm

Since 2008 Dave has helped dozens of attorneys exit their law firm by selling their assets, their client database, systems, and relationships or by merging with other firms. Dave’s deep relationships in the legal industry are a significant competitive advantage, and they allow him to connect law firm owners with complementary firms willing and able to acquire thriving practices.

Purchase or Sale of Professional Practice

Dave has worked with CPAs, chiropractors, architects, technology professionals, engineers, and many other professionals to package, position, and market their firms for sale. He has also assisted in the acquisition and integration of dozens of professional practices by his client’s firms. Each of these transactions is complex, challenging, and wrought with pitfalls. Having a guide like Dave by your side when acquiring a professional firm is critical to successful integration.

Family Office and Privately Held Business Evaluation

Successful family offices and privately-held businesses will often request a review by a set of “fresh eyes” to be sure they are operating most effectively and efficiently. Dave Lorenzo has assembled a team of experts, and he frequently coordinates these in-depth reviews for his clients.

The essential advantage of having Dave lead this team is his objectivity. He does not have an interest in any of the specific areas of focus. He can fairly evaluate the functional areas such as legal services, accounting, data protection, and compliance, security, travel and expense controls, etc.  

Physicians Practice Reorganization and Conversion to Membership Model

Many physicians  are sick of depending upon insurance companies to deliver new patients and look to Dave to develop a new business model. Dave has assisted many doctors and dentists in shifting to a membership model that provides premium services to a group of discerning patients who value access to excellent health care on their schedule.