Punch Buddha In The Face

By now your New Year’s resolution has fallen by the wayside and we can get down to business.

It’s okay that you’ve abandoned the stupid ideas that you were going to stop watching reality TV shows, give up sweets and alcohol, and stop screaming at your kids.

Why are they stupid?  Because they are framed in the negative. They force you to focus on things you don’t like about yourself. Every time you think: “I’m going to stop screaming at the kids.” Your mind focuses on “scream at the kids.”  The “STOP” part gets lost in the clutter of your thoughts.

So now that you’ve abandoned the negative affirmation, we can focus on some positive things.

In the examples I outlined above you can replace:

“Stop watching reality TV shows” with “Start reading business books on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 8-9PM.”

“Give up sweets and alcohol” with “Snack on carrots and hummus once a week” and “Drink cranberry juice on Friday nights.”  This leaves you room to still have some sweets and drink alcohol on Saturday night.

“Stop screaming at the kids” with “Praise the kids for something I love about them at least twice each day.”  Let’s face it, you’re not going to stop screaming at the kids. Ever. They’re kids. They will do crazy stuff that will make you furious.  But you can praise them and build up their self-esteem twice as often as you lose your cool.

Start with a realistic goal and change your behavior incrementally with a focus on positive action you will take.

Speaking of self-esteem:

I’m in the business of helping people become more successful. My job is to bring out the best in you. I do that by pointing out specific things you can do to attract more clients (that’s what many people are looking for when they come to me).  I also help people build their self-confidence.  Nobody comes to me looking for that service but it is what you need the most.

Society beats the crap out of you, day-in and day-out.  As a business leader you get the complaints but you don’t get much recognition.  They tell you they pay you and that’s all the recognition you need.  We all know that’s not true.  And we know people who pay the least – or people who pay nothing – are the most vocal about complaining.

I help you block out those fools.  It’s difficult to ignore them but you must.

In fact you must ignore everything that keeps you from achieving your goals.

Everybody is an expert at what YOU should be doing but they can’t figure out their own life.

Here’s the bottom line:

Your success is completely, 100% dependent on what’s happening between your ears.  Whether you believe you are a $1 million business originator or a $50,000 practitioner who never catches a break – you’re right.

No sales strategy is going to change that.

You’ve got to decide to get up off the couch and do the work necessary to achieve your goals.

The first step is asking for help and investing in an expert who can provide you with guidance and hold you accountable.

The next step is actually calling that expert (a gym membership is only great if you go to the gym).

The third step is doing the work.

No matter what step you are on, there is no shame in starting over.

That’s what life is all about.

Buddhism teaches us the first noble truth is that all life is suffering, pain, and misery.  When I first heard that I wanted to punch Buddha in the face. But upon further investigation, I discovered Buddha’s teaching was about relieving personal suffering though a focus on helping others (among other things).  When you focus on helping the world around you, you strengthen yourself.

I’m here to help you focus on that path.  When you ask me for help, I will help you help others – and make great money doing it.  The financial gains come as a byproduct of you helping people and feeling good about yourself.

2018 is going to be over before you know it.

Let’s take the first step together.

Reach out for help. 

There are lots of options at DaveLorenzo.com