I Have a Problem Sell Me The Solution

I have a problem…

Most people believe this phrase is the beginning of some thing bad. You know better. When a client walks into your office and utters these words it can be the beginning of a great relationship.

Selling is solving problems in exchange for financial compensation. The purpose of the 60 second sales process is to help you quickly connect and develop a relationship with a person who has a problem you can solve.

Unfortunately many people who have problems you can solve don’t even know you exist.

Here are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to gain greater exposure:

Educate Referral Sources

Most business leaders and sales pros focus on looking for clients – the end user of their products or services. While this makes perfect sense, they often overlook the highest return on investment for their marketing effort – their referral sources.

Help your referral sources understand the value you provide by demonstrating your value to them.

For example:

Tax attorneys should regularly send CPAs information that educates them on changes in the law.

Insurance account executives should send educational material to bankers on the value of their services to business owners in succession planning.

Real estate brokers should educate probate attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, and family law attorneys on programs that can help sell homes quickly when the owners are under pressure.

There is a list equally as long for every business. Market to your referral sources just as hard as you would market to potential clients.

Educate The Community

Conduct educational seminars whenever possible.  Host these seminars on your own as well as in conjunction with referral sources.  These seminars serve two purposes:

1). They provide valuable information to people who need it.
2). They position you as an expert in your field.

Holding a seminar on a different topic each month gives you a reason to get some folks together in your office.  Even if you only have 10-15 people attend, those are now 10-15 “sales people” who will be referring you to their friends and neighbors.

If you can work with a local civic organization and have them host your educational events, you will draw a more significant audience.

Write Articles

Look for trade magazines in your industry or practice niche and submit articles regularly.  Many of these publications need content and their editors are thrilled when people send them high-quality information.

Local newspapers often have guest columns written by influential members of the community.  Find out how you can become one of those influential people.
Send your educational information to editors of all trade magazines and local newspapers.  You never know who will read it and call with a potential lead.

There are at least twenty additional things you should be doing to raise your profile in the community.

The real key is not so much WHAT you are doing…

The key is that YOU ARE doing SOMETHING.

Doing NOTHING is easy.  Doing NOTHING gets you the results you already have.

Get up, get going and get clients.

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