Most People Will Never Use This Powerful Business Success Secret

Many business leaders say they attract new clients by networking.  I hate that word. Networking. When most of us think about networking we think about going to meetings with groups of people passing out business cards, shaking hands and trying to sell something.

That’s not what I mean by networking.

True networking involves understanding the value someone provides and matching that value with someone who needs it.

Whenever I meet someone new I ask them two key questions:

“What do you do better than everyone else?”

“What’s keeping you awake at night?”

Then I spend the rest of my career matching people up – paring strengths with issues.

When you do this, you develop deep relationships with people because they know you care about them.

You demonstrate this caring by:

1). Helping people use their greatest talent


2). Helping people solve their greatest problem

This is such a simple concept it begs an additional question:

“Why don’t more people do this?”

My answer is probably something you would not expect…

More people don’t do this because it requires emotional investment in others and diligent effort in furtherance of the agenda of another human being with the promise of nothing in return.

This is called having an external orientation.

You must be focused on other people to use this successfully.

What results can you expect?

Three out of five times (60% of the time) people will do nothing.  You will, in some cases, change their lives, their businesses and their future.  And people will either not remember you did it or they will pretend to not remember.  As a result, you will receive noting in return other than the satisfaction of having made this person’s situation better.

One time in five (20% of the time) the person will be grateful.  He will express this gratitude to you.  That will feel good.  At some point in the future this person will (either actively or passively) do something that benefits you in some way.  These people will be loyal to you for life.  You can commit offensive acts and these people will defend you.  This person will feel a deep emotional bond with you forever.

One time in five (20% of the time) is a magical experience.  This person will move heaven and earth and deliver some sort of value to you in excess of anything you could have ever done for him.

This article describes the single greatest success philosophy I have ever learned and practiced.

Just about everything I have accomplished in my career, to this point, has come in part because of this philosophy.

I’m sharing it with you because someone once shared it with me and I put it into practice and it changed my life.

You need to ask yourself:

“Do I want my life and my business to improve dramatically?”


“Am I willing to help others selflessly in order to achieve that result?”

If the answers to those questions are: “Yes,” then you must go out and begin to put this philosophy into practice.

Most people won’t.

But if you do, you must promise you will, one day, pass along this external orientation strategy to as many people as possible.  Because it not only improves businesses, it can change the course of people’s lives and make the world we live in slightly better.

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