People Should Love You or Hate You

You may have noticed an uptick in the communication from me lately. That’s by design. When I’m not teaching you what to do to grow your revenue, I’m demonstrating it to you.

I’ve reengineered my email system to improve deliverability and I’ve also got a new website.

I post valuable content every day. You can find it in the articles section by following this link:

Articles From Dave Lorenzo

I’m going to send you even more email and, for a select few people, I’m going to send direct mail to your home and office.


Because I want you to either love me or hate me.

I want to be in your inbox a lot delivering value. If you appreciate it, you’ll react one way and if you don’t, well, you’ll unsubscribe, and I’ll be banished.

Love me or hate me. I want you to feel something.

That’s got to be the goal for your prospects, clients and evangelist.

Force them to go one way or the other.

You can live with 10% of your database loving you because if your database is 1,000 people, that means 100 will invest in you or refer you.  That’s pretty good.

So, here’s the deal:

I wrote a great book that’s a field manual for building business relationships. The title is The 60 Second Sale.  You need to read it ASAP.

I also produced these articles and video last week for you. Make sure you watch all of them.  This is a new week and if you don’t invest 20 minutes going through this information, you’ll fall behind.

Frequency of Communication is How You Add Value to a Relationship

You want to grow a relationship? Communicate more often. That’s why you’re getting this email now. That’s why you should be on the phone calling everyone you know, making sure they know they can count on you to help them through he bad times.

This is a four-minute video.

You Have Time to Sell

If revenue is important to you, you’ll find time to connect with people. Develop a relationship each day and at the end of the work year, you’ll have over 250 new relationships. That’s not too shabby.

This is a one-minute video.

Experiences Deepen Relationships

We sell three things. Products, services and experiences.  My focus is helping you develop and deepen relationships. That means you must provide a great experience for clients and evangelists. I give you two examples in this 433-word article. It will take you about 2 minutes to read the entire thing.

Relationship Development Checklist

I’ve listed the habits you must develop in order to grow your revenue. You can print this and check it off each day.  This is one of the most valuable things I’ve ever posted on my website.  It is a license to print money.

Relationship Revenue: An Overview

This 9-minute video helps you focus on the right kind of clients. There’s a good chance you are working too hard and focusing on attracting the wrong people and the wrong types of work.  There is a better way. Invest the 9 minutes discovering it.

Affluence Follows Action

There is an entertaining story in this 678-word article.  I talk about action. Doing things. If you take anything away from the articles and videos I’ve produced this week, it’s that action is key if you want more relationships.  I will help you take the right action, but you must get moving.

I’m stepping up my game. I’m doing everything I can to help you. Let me know what’s working and what’s not. It is okay to ignore things that don’t fit your strengths AFTER you try them.

That’s the key. Make an effort. Do something now.