How to Overcome Fear and Sell More

Why am I resisting taking action to get what I want?

That’s the question you need to ask yourself.

Most often, the reason people don’t take action is fear. Specifically, Fear of Failure or Fear of Success.

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Why are you resisting taking action to get what you want? Something’s holding you back and that something is fear. It could be fear of failure or it could be fear of success. You have to decide, which it is for you.

Fear of failure means you’d be embarrassed if you tried to something new and it didn’t work out. Everybody would talk about you. People would know that you tried something and it wasn’t successful and you’d be ashamed.

Fear of success means you would try something and it would go wildly well and you would be far more successful than you ever dreamed of and when the success happens, people won’t like you anymore and that maybe exactly what’s holding you back.

Those are the two things that hold people back most often.

Fear of success or fear of failure.

What you need to do, is you need to look yourself in the mirror and you need to say “I’m willing to tackle this obstacle and I’m willing to make the changes necessary to upgrade my life.”

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