One Thing Separates Winners from Everyone Else

One thing separates winners from everyone else.

You’re sitting here reading this message.  It is probably one of at least a dozen, maybe a hundred you will read today.

Most likely none of them will make a measurable difference in your life.

This one might.

Why?  Because it is one of the best pieces of advice I ever received.

When I was a college freshman I was assigned to a dorm room with a 35-year-old guy.  Here I was.  Eighteen years old, ready to hangout and party, and I get the one guy who stays home on Friday and Saturday night studying and watching Matlock reruns.

It turns out that back in the day, the guy was a real burnout.  Booze, drugs, philandering, you name it, he had experienced it.  But now, at 35 years old, he decided to get his life together.  He was the oldest freshman by about 15 years and he didn’t care.  He was determined to make the most of his educational experience.

Tony (that’s his real name) and I became friends.

I still did all the things stupid college freshmen do, but occasionally, Tony and I would just sit around, drink lots of coffee, and talk.  We talked about everything from the sound burning plastic makes when you’re tripping on LSD to how to replace the transmission on a Ford Mustang.

I took away from all those conversations one of the best pieces of advice I ever received. It came during a conversation Tony and I were having about regret.

Apparently, I made a fool of myself, yet again, while pursuing a member of the opposite sex.  I was recounting to Tony my conversational inadequacy and the young lady’s reaction to it.  As I finished telling the story I remarked that I regretted having that particular conversation with that particular woman.

Tony’s response:

“No way, kid.  Do not ever regret taking a shot.  Look at it this way, even if you do something stupid, you learn from it and move on.  You can’t live your life regretting things you tried that didn’t work out.”

He continued:

“You want to talk about regrets?  The biggest regrets you’ll ever have will come from things you don’t do.  They’ll come from great ideas you never acted on.  They’ll come from beautiful women you didn’t talk to.  Those are things you’ll regret.  Because you’ll never know what might have happened.”

This guy was 35 years old and starting his life over again.  And he was happy to be doing it.  He had lived three lifetimes in those 35 years.  And I have followed that advice ever since.

So what does this mean for you?

Well, it means you can continue to read the guidance you receive from me each week and do nothing.  That seems like the safe thing to do.

Or you could pick one thing…just one…that you have experienced during our time together and put it into practice.

I’ve met lots of losers in my career and I’ve met lots of people who I consider to be successful.

The one thing that separates the losers from the winners is something I’ve taken to calling “Tony’s Law”.

Successful people take action.

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