Talking About Objections In Sales

Objections in sales are inevitable. You’re going to get them. ¬†There are reasons why people don’t say “yes” immediately. Although you can’t avoid them, you can prepare more throughly for the conversation so you don’t receive as many objections.

On the Dave Lorenzo Daily YouTube Channel I have created a Sales Objections playlist to help you with these issues.

Objections in Sales and How to Overcome Them

Once or twice each month I will receive a specific objection question from a client or a YouTube viewer and I make a note of it and them make a corresponding video.

Be sure to bookmark this playlist and come back to it often because I update it with new sales objections as people bring them to my attention.

Qualifying Helps Prevent Sales Objections

A final thought: Doing some upfront work will help prevent objections from becoming an issue. This is called qualifying your prospects.

That means making sure everyone you speak with has three things:

  • Money
  • A problem you can solve
  • The ability to make a decision

Here is a 5 minute video I made recently about qualifying sales prospects.

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