Customized Negotiation Training: Closing Deals While Opening Doors To Deeper Relationships

How do you close the deal, make sure you win, and deepen the relationship? 
Dave Lorenzo has the answer.

During the past 28 years Dave has negotiated with:

  • FORTUNE 500 Companies
  • Union Leadership
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Government Procurement Officers
  • Event Venues
  • International Corporate Executives
  • And hundreds of other companies and individuals


During these negotiations, three specific things became apparent:

  1. Everyone uses the same negotiation playbook, and people recognize it immediately. You must have a unique approach.
  2. Negotiation inherently drives a wedge between people, so relationship maintenance is an essential factor in every interaction.
  3. The goal of any negotiation is WINNING. Compromise SUCKS. Win-Win sets you up to get killed.

Dave teaches his negotiation system to a select few teams each year. This process is proprietary, so you’ve likely not seen anything like it.


If you are interested in a clear competitive advantage, schedule a call with Dave to discuss making this training a part of your arsenal. 


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