Negotiation Strategy And Planning: All Options on The Table

There are two types of negotiation: Transactional Negotiation and Relationship Negotiation. You need to plan for the type of strategy you will use before entering into a bargaining session. Season 2 Show 9 Episode 131

As you prepare to enter into a negotiation you need to understand which type of strategy you will employ.

In a transactional meditation, all options will be on the table. In most cases, you will not see the negotiator again and this person will do anything to get what he or she wants. This includes lying, exaggerating, bluffing and all kinds of dirty tactics. You must be prepared for that.

In a relationship negotiation, you will need to work with your counterpart after the negotiation is over. This means you cannot lie. You cannot use dirty tricks. You must bargain in good faith.

It’s important to note this is not a matter of morality. It is real life. People are going to be unscrupulous in transactional negotiation. Your awareness of this is critical.