Negotiate in your Underwear with Five C’s

Today’s show reveals the secret to making deals. Part of that mindset is being able to negotiate deals in your underwear. Join me as I reveal the other five elements of the mindset for a successful negotiation. Season 2 Show 7 Episode 129

The Five C’s of Negotiation Mindset

Concern for the Other Guy: Understand his position, always allow him to maintain his dignity. This isn’t win/win. This is understanding and allowing your counterpart to make a deal and retain his dignity.

Confidence in Your Position and Your Ability to Deliver Value: You’ve got to feel good about your value and you’ve got to be able to articulate that value.

Consistency in Your Messaging: You must maintain your message throughout the negotiation. Any wavering and you’ll blow it.

Competence: Know Your Negotiating System and Your Skills: You must have mastery of the negotiation process. That requires having a system and perfecting your skills.

Comfort Under Pressure: If you can make a deal in your underwear you can do anything. You must be able to handle any pressure in any deal at any time.