More Money And More Free Time: It’s Easier Than You Think

You’re doing a great job.

Everyone who works with you says it.

You’re working hard. You focus on the issues that are most important to your clients.

You have mastery of your craft and you’re at the top of your game.

So how come you can’t get out of the office on time?

Why has it been so difficult to hire the ideal person to make your work-life easier?

How is it possible you feel guilty when you show up at home each night?

There are two reasons:

You don’t have the perspective of a Chief Executive Officer.

You have not mastered the action associated with your personal priorities.


No matter what your position in your business, salesperson, owner, pot washer, etc. – you are the CEO of your life.

This means you must look at things from that perspective.

You invested a significant amount of time learning your craft. Now that you’re 10, 15, 20-plus years into practicing your craft, you don’t want to learn new skills. You’ve paid your dues. You just need to deliver for your clients. You just need to provide great service. That should be enough right?


You’ve got to dedicate at least as much effort to the business as you do to your craft.

Ask yourself why you got into this in the first place. What are you doing here? Why did you go out on your own?

If you don’t fulfill that mission every day, you need to make some changes.

If you got into your current role to spend more time with your family, and each day you get home later and later, something is wrong.

It’s not your fault.

Just as the tide comes in and pulls things from the shore back out with it, your business grows and it will pull you into the depths…

Unless you make an effort to steer yourself back to the safety and comfort of your priorities.

Becoming CEO is the steering and focus on your priorities is the navigation system. Both of these things help you stay on course as the tide of new business rises all around you.

It is possible to make more money and have more free time. You simply need the right navigation system.

My role in this process is to be your GPS. I’m your map.

That’s the reason I write these articles.

Here are two things you should do right now:

First: Write down exactly what you want from your business. What specific benefits should this hard work be delivering to you? More money? More recognition? More free time?

Be as specific as possible.

Next: Give me a call. 888.444.5150

I will help you think through the process of getting exactly what you want from your career.

It’s easier than you think…


If you wait, time will march on and you’ll still be where you are right now.

Tired. Frustrated. Feeling Guilty.

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