Money You Are Leaving On The Table

There are hundreds of strategies I review with my clients. If executed correctly, these strategies produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. You don’t have to agree with them. You just have to implement them.

Most sales professionals think selling is about brute force. You kick in the front door and you start making your pitch. If you’re not out in the field, in front of a prospect, you’re not selling.

While that attitude is great and the thought process behind it helpful, there are ways to make the sales process easier.

Take for example the strategy of sending a weekly email to clients and referral sources. I’ve been using this strategy for many years and I’ve made lots of money with it (70% of my clients were first subscribers to this weekly email). Almost all of my clients use this strategy with great success.

But some salespeople refuse. I’m not sure why.

Maybe they think their clients are different and this won’t work (false). Maybe they believe their clients do not want to hear from them that often (false). Maybe they psychologically are resistant to any idea that does not originate in their own brain (possible).

Whatever the reason, this strategy has a track record of success in every industry.

But you must execute it correctly.

What does that mean?

The principle behind the weekly email is that you’re sending people an email to build a relationship and occasionally educate the client on your industry or market.

It should have a friendly look and feel.

I prefer black letters on a white page. I let the content paint a picture.


When you send a color email with your photo and other slick graphics, what does it look like? It looks like an ad. It looks like a brochure. It looks like a marketing piece.

What happens with those things?

They get thrown in the garbage…

Your weekly email should look and read like an email from a friend.

Nobody wants to see your picture. Nobody cares about your business; it’s success, or how many years you’ve been doing what you’re doing.

People want two things:

1). They want to be entertained and 2). They want information they can use.

Sometimes you can get away with only one of those things, but you can never, ever get away without both.

So here is your action item: Start sending out a weekly email. Think of some good stories from your past – stories that teach a lesson – and tell them to your readers each week. Educate and entertain.

Stop making excuses. Model the behavior of hundreds of successful sales professionals.

But only do this if you want to make a great living and live a great life. ®

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