The SuccessMax® Mentoring Relationship gives participants six months of unlimited private access to Dave Lorenzo by phone, video conference, e-mail, and regular mail.

All too often, a lawyer or business leader feels as if he is alone on an island. This program not only helps you solve tough business problems, it gives you valuable outside perspective, motivation, and support to help you plan the future of your business and your career while improving your productivity.

This is a self-directed program, and the frequency of our interaction is entirely up to you. Some people call Dave every day. Some folks call once a week. Others call a couple of times a month. Dave returns all phone calls within two hours and all written correspondence within 24 hours.

This is a one-on-one relationship.  You speak directly to Dave every time you call.

How It Works

At the outset of our relationship, you will receive a welcome email with a link to Dave Lorenzo’s online business leadership academy. In this academy, he provides you with professional development courses and foundational business recommendations. These courses are delivered in three formats: Video Programs, Audio Programs and Written Workbooks.  The courses are focused on client acquisition, productivity improvement, business strategy and management.

Beginning on day one, you may call with specific questions related to your business.  You stay on the telephone with Dave until your questions are answered.  The conversation is focused and concise.    You receive the information you need as you need it.

This is a self-directed relationship. The frequency of our communication is entirely up to you.

Past discussions have included strategic issues such as:

  • How to set fees
  • How to select the correct partner for your business
  • How to position yourself in the market
  • How to establish standard operating procedures
  • And any other long-term issue that is a concern

You and Dave will also work on tactical issues including:

  • What to say at the meeting with the potential client tomorrow
  • How to develop a presentation for the CEO of Big Company Inc.
  • How to critique a proposal and improve its persuasiveness
  • How to overcome objections
  • When to walk away from an unproductive business relationship
  • And any other immediate needs that your business presents

In addition, you and Dave will discuss things that do not require mentoring but warrant confidential dialogue, such as:

  • Keeping your confidence in a tough economic environment
  • Deciding if and when to sell your business
  • Communicating objective opinions in disputes between business partners
  • Working fewer hours and still making great money
  • Delegating work but not responsibility
  • Setting another member of the firm up for success
  • And many, many more topics that will come up as you continue to build your business
  • Admission to this program is limited.

If there are no openings when you apply, you will be placed on a “first come, first served” waiting list. When a spot opens up, you and I will reach a mutual decision as to whether the program is right for you.

The investment for enrollment in the SuccessMax® Mentoring Relationship is $4,500 for 6 months.

This sets apart those who are serious about their business from those who claim to be serious. The investment is required to begin the process or to be placed on the waiting list.

You may freeze your participation at any point, at which time we stop the calendar until you’re ready to begin again.

Most of our clients recoup this investment quickly by getting one new client or charging higher fees as a result of putting our work into practice.

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